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Lane OConnor Financial Planning is a boutique firm focused on the provision of tax, personal financial advisory services & estate planning advice to professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and their families.

We have one simple aim, to turn your current financial reality, into the life you want to live. We give our clients the financial flexibility to follow their passions and chase their dreams. First and foremost, we work for you and with you.

Whilst many of the plans we create require the use of a financial product, these are incidental to the overall plan, which we will create only once we have understood the things in life that are fundamental to you and your family.

We have an enviable set of designations, which we believe demonstrate our knowledge, skill, experience and our commitment to you, our clients.

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Areas of Practice

Financial Planning

As is the case with most things in life, when it comes to your money, it pays to have a plan. You wouldn’t set off on your travels without knowing where you are going to and how you will get there. It’s the same with your money. We want to understand what’s important to you, what you want your money to do for you in life and then help you to get there. Proper financial planning usual encompasses a number of the services listed on this page, rather than looking at one aspect of your finances in isolation.



Investment Planning

"It’s not about funds and pie charts"                          Interest rates on cash deposit accounts are currently low as many know. There is also an awful lot of “noise” out there about the many different investment options which carry varying degrees of investment risk. We believe in sensible investing based on tried and trusted long standing investment principles. It is important to us that we really understand the amount of investment risk that you wish to take before any investment is considered. We understand that ultimately you will want to protect and grow the money that you have worked hard to accumulate.

Estate planning

Our focus is very much on planning for living, enabling you to have best life possible with the money you have. However, we will also make sure that your affairs are “tidy” and in order, should the worst happen. This requires us having detailed knowledge of succession and probate laws, inheritance tax and pension death benefits. This provides you with the comfort that everything is taken care of so that you can get on with enjoying your life.



Family protection

Everyone we see wants their family to be well looked after should the worst happen to them or their partner. But many find it difficult to work out the amount of insurance cover that they need, for example to replace lifelong earnings, or for a bereaved spouse not to feel financial pressure to rush back into work. We can advise you on life cover, income protection in the event that you are unable to work due to illness or injury, critical illness cover and private medical insurance.

Retirement Planning

  • “Can I afford to retire?” …….

  • ”how long will my money last?”…….

  • ”how much can I take from my pensions/investments each year?”…..

  • ”what about tax?”………

  • ”where should my pension be invested?”

These are questions we are regularly asked amongst many more. We use the latest retirement planning software to answer these questions concisely for you, backed up by simple charts and pictures that you can easily absorb and understand. Our clients tend to prefer this approach rather than receiving a barrage of data and numbers that can be difficult to comprehend.


All financial success comes from acting on a plan.
A lot of financial failure comes from reacting to the market.
— Nick Murray